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Radiant Networks represents the vision and values of its employees. A passion for wireless and an understanding of how it can shape your business to be more competitive in today’s economy drives us towards excellence. Our collective experience spans decades of wireless – long before it was “cool” to do wireless. Our staff draws on their broad experience, acquired from a variety of areas – including Cisco’s Aironet division, healthcare, supply chain bar-coding, cellular, Wireless ISP, military RF intercept, broadband wireless, and more to provide enterprise-class solutions.

Our expertise combined with our zeal for quality workmanship will ensure the very best solutions for wireless networks of all sizes – home office to large-scale installations. Our commitment to superior customer service is apparent in all that we do.

Our Mission

“To provide bulletproof design and implementation services to support today’s mission critical wireless applications”


Radiant Networks, with headquarters in Louisville KY, and offices throughout the Midwest, is one of the country’s leading Wireless Engineering and Consulting companies. Radiant Networks provides expertise in design, pre-deployment site survey, implementation, and troubleshooting of wireless networks. We have a core competency in wireless infrastructure (we are vendor agnostic) along with expertise in the mission critical applications such as asset tracking and voice riding on the infrastructure.

Radiant Networks was founded in 2005 by two seasoned wireless engineers-Dan Cooper and Paul Zinda. Dan Cooper started his passion for wireless approximately 25 years ago as an Engineer at Telxon working on the Aironet product line. He continued his wireless engineering work at Cisco when Cisco purchased Aironet. Dan left Cisco to start a wireless professional services company called Wirespeed Networks. Wirespeed Networks was purchased by Analysts International where Dan was in charge of the of the Wireless Services division. Paul Zinda developed his passion for wireless in the military. He has over 12 years of wireless design and implementation experience. Paul compliments his indoor wireless experience with extensive expertise in outdoor deployments.

This level of expertise has allowed us to build a strong subcontract business where we are the wireless experts for the “tough” jobs by a variety of integration companies.

Partners and Affiliates

Radiant Networks maintains a network of partners and affiliations that exemplify the quality and value our customers enjoy. Our list of industry leading and reliable partners constitutes a complete wireless service offering, from core infrastructure technology to applications such as asset management, voice, and optical solutions.



Why Radiant?

Over the past decade, wireless applications have migrated from casual wireless alternatives to, in many cases, true mission-critical business applications.

Having established itself as one of the nation’s leading wireless engineering companies Radiant Networks is uniquely positioned to help you meet even the most stringent wireless demands. Our depth of expertise allows us to design a wireless infrastructure that will seamlessly support the most demanding applications.

Experience & Knowledge

Radiant Networks is one of the few companies in the U.S. that strictly focuses on wireless network deployment services. Our engineering team averages over 10 years experience in wireless. This experience has made us the “go-to” partner for all the major wireless manufacturers.

Vendor Agnostic

Radiant Networks has partnerships with all the major wireless manufacturers. This allows us to truly analyze your requirements and help you choose the hardware solution that best fits your needs.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Radiant Networks guarantees its work. Radiant Networks will provide you a well-designed wireless network, using industry “best practices” that meets your current needs while providing a platform to add future wireless applications cost-effectively. Radiant Networks will work closely with you to uncover your business needs, develop effective strategies that address current and future requirements, identify and implement new and emerging technologies, and provide ongoing support.

What does this mean to your business? At Radiant Networks we handle the wireless work and share our vast network and industry expertise, freeing you to focus on running your business.