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Wireless Mobility empowers EMR / EHR

In healthcare, Electronic Medical/Health Records enhances the quality of patient care and safety, improves provider satisfaction, and increases overall efficiency.  Clinicians are increasingly utilizing mobile devices in health care delivery – and wireless network performance has become mission-critical.  Our experience can help ensure your network’s wireless is optimized for secure, seamless performance for care providers, patients, and guests – even at maximum patient capacity.  Contact us to learn more about how we can help!

Tracking of Assets using RFID: Radio Frequency Identification

The need to locate high cost equipment and patient critical equipment in a timely fashion is extremely important for providing customer care. Further, devices such as infusion pumps need monthly preventive maintenance. The timely tracking and status of these items is addressed through RFID technology.

Government & Municipalities

Improved Government Efficiency and Municipal Safety via Wireless

Municipalities and Governments are challenged today with improving services delivery efficiencies, providing a safe environment for its citizens, and driving economic development while managing budget constraints

Wireless Mobility has become a tool of choice for many communities. According to a market research report by Gartner Research, “Wireless networking in various applications is becoming a low-cost alternative for municipalities. Cities and towns should evaluate mesh technologies to enhance data communications and improve public safety interoperability. Behind such deployments are productivity gains, ease of deployment, and the ability to deliver first-responder interoperability at a fraction of the cost of a land mobile radio system.”

Radiant Networks has an excellent track record of analyzing, designing and deploying secure, cost effective wireless solutions empower enhanced public safety, community development, and public/visitor experience.

Education & Campus

Enhanced Learning Experience through Wireless-Enabled Initiatives

Educational institutions today are looking to enrich the learning experience for students through 1 to 1 initiatives. A fundamental requirement for a successful program is a rock solid wireless infrastructure that will support the high density of users along with bandwidth requirements of media-rich applications.

Radiant Networks can assist by analyzing your current and projected requirements and designing and implementing a solution that will meet the needs of this and other high impact applications.

View an Education & Campus Wireless Case Study from Cisco Systems

Industrial & Manufacturing

Improve Efficiency and Client Support with Wireless

Mobility solutions in manufacturing can save time, money, improve operations and provide accurate inventory control. Whether your requirement is for wireless hand-held client devices or deploying the infrastructure to support mobility clients, Radiant Networks has the talent and vendor partnerships to cost-effectively meet your needs.

Warehouse & Supply Chain

Manage Inventory and Improve Customer Service with Wireless

Mobility solutions in the warehouse & supply chain environments can provide accurate inventory control resulting in improved customer service and savings through better inventory control. Radiant Networks can guide you in your RFID and inventory tracking devices.

Enterprise/Corporate Office

Enterprise Wireless in Today’s Competitive Environment

Enterprise wireless networks in today’s competitive environment often require support for mission-critical applications. Whether wireless-enabled video, voice, data, or even video surveillance, Radiant Networks can help.

Radiant Networks’ proven methodology of wireless design, installation, and validation will insure your wireless network meets your current requirements and provides a platform to add new application demands of your end user community.